Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Final College Football Top 25 Rankings

#25. Washington
#24. Duke
#23. Vanderbilt
#22. Arizona State
#21. Wisconsin
#20. Notre Dame
#19. USC
#18. Texas A&M
#17. Oklahoma State
#16. Louisville
#15. UCLA
#14. Baylor
#13. LSU
#12. Ohio State
#11. UCF
#10. Stanford
#9. Oregon
#8. Clemson
#7. Oklahoma
#6. Alabama
#5. South Carolina
#4. Missouri
#3. Auburn
#2. Michigan State
#1. Florida State

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Picks\Predictions for the College football BCS bowls

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: #6 Baylor vs. #15 UCF
My Pick: Baylor
My Score: 42-24


VIZIO Rose Bowl: #5 Michigan State vs. #4 Stanford

My Pick: Stanford
My Score: 27-20


All-State Sugar Bowl: #11 Oklahoma vs. #3 Alabama

My Pick: Alabama
My Score: 42-13


Discover Orange Bowl: #12 Clemson vs. #7 Ohio State

My Pick: Clemson
My Score: 31-28


VIZIO BCS National Championship Game: #2 Auburn vs. #1 Florida State

My Pick: Auburn
My Score: 38-35

Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Who I'd give the award to" College football Awards

Doak Walker Award: (Best RB)
Who it should go to: Andre Williams (Boston College)

Who I think it will go to: Andre Williams (Boston College)

Chuck Bednarik Award: (Best Defensive Player)
Who it should go to: C.J. Mosley (Alabama

Who I think it will go to Aaron Donald (Pitt)

Blietnikoff Award: (Best WR)
Who it should go to: Mike Evans (Texas A&M)

Who I think it will go to: Mike Evans (Texas A&M)

Lou Goza Place-kicker Award: (Best Place-Kicker)
Who it should go to: Anthony Fera (Texas)

Who I think it will go to: Roberto Aguayo (Florida State)

Ray Guy Award (Best Punter)
Who it should go to: Drew Kaser (Texas A&M)

Who I think it will go to: Cody Webster (Purdue)

Maxwell Award (College Player of the year)
Who it should go to: Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M)

Who I think it will go to: Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M)

Davey O'Brien Award (Nation's Best QB)
Who it should go to: A.J. McCarron (Alabama)

Who I think it will go to: Jameis Winston (Florida State)

Outland Trophy Award (Nation's Best Interior Linemen)
Who it should go to: Aaron Donald (Pitt)

Who I think it will go to: Jake Matthews (Texas A&M)

Jim Thorpe Award:
Who it should go to: Darqueze Dennard (Michigan State)

Who I think it will go to: Lamarcus Joyner (Florida State)

Walter Camp (Player of the year)
Who it should go to: Jameis Winston (Florida Stat)

Who it will go to: Jameis Winston (Florida State)

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Top 15 best College Football bowls

#1. VIZIO BCS National Championship (#2 Auburn vs. #1 Florida State

#2. VIZIO  Rose Bowl (#5 Stanford vs. #4 Michigan State)

#3. ALL-STATE Sugar Bowl (#11 Oklahoma vs. #3 Alabama)

#4. AT&T Cotton Bowl (#9 Missouri vs. #13 Oklahoma State

#5. Discover Orange Bowl (#12 Clemson vs. #7 Ohio State)

#6. Capital One Bowl (#9 South Carolina vs. #19 Wisconsin)

#7. Tostito's Fiesta Bowl (#6 Baylor vs. #15 UCF)

#8. Outback Bowl (#14 LSU vs. Iowa)

#9. Valero Alamo Bowl (#10 Oregon vs. Texas)

#10. TaxSlayer.com Bowl  (#22 Georgia vs. Nebraska

#11. Chick-fil-A Bowl (#21 Texas A&M vs. #24 Duke)

#12. Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl (#23 Fresno State vs. #25. USC)

#13. Russell Athletic Bowl (#18 Louisville vs. Miami)

#14. Hyundia Sun Bowl (#17 UCLA vs. Virginia Tech)

#15. AdvoCare V100 Bowl (Arizona vs. Boston College)

Why?: I'll explain why I ranked the bowl games like I ranked them.

#1 Game is obviously #2 Auburn vs. #1 Florida State, because its the BCS National Championship game.  And #1 vs. #2 fighting for all the marbles.  And to see if #2 Auburn will be able to respond in the BCS National title game vs #1 13-0 Florida State.

#2. The Rose Bowl game, is because I thought it will be really interesting to see two smash-mouth football teams in #5 Stanford vs. #4 Michigan State.  And not only that, also because of the running game of #5 Stanford vs the defense of #4 Michigan State

#3. The Sugar Bowl, I have this one #3 because I think it will be interesting to see how #3 Alabama and #11 Oklahoma will play after their latest games.  And if #11 Oklahoma will be able to move the football vs that stout defense in the #3 Alabama Crimson Tide.

#4. The AT&T Cotton Bowl, because of the matchup really #9 Missouri vs. #13 Oklahoma State.  I really think it will be interesting to see how #9 Missouri plays coming off a loss, and how #13 Oklahoma State. plays coming off of their loss.  And if Oklahoma St. will be able to score like they did vs #6 Baylor, and if #9 Missouri will be able to pass well with 6'6 Dorial Green-Beckham.

#5. Discover Orange Bowl, #12 Clemson vs. #7 Ohio State this game will be very very interesting game to see how #7 Ohio State will play after getting their BCS title hopes crushed.  And how #13 Clemson will stop OSU's running game.

#6. Capital One Bowl, the best non-BCS bowl game in my opinion.  #9 South Carolina vs. #19 Wisconsin.  It will be really fun to see how SC will try to shut down Wisconsin's rushing offense.

#7. I think it will be great to see, how #6 Baylor's offense will play vs. #16 UCF's defense it will be fun.  Because UCF has played great vs teams like Louisville, but bad vs team's like 10-loss Temple.

#8. The Outback Bowl, will be very interesting to see, because of how LSU will respond with their starting QB Zach Metteberger, and if the freshmen QB Anthony Jennings will be able to lead LSU past an Iowa team coming off a victory over Nebraska.

#9. Valero Alamo Bowl, will be a fun one to watch because it will be fun to see if #10 Oregon will be able to get up after winning a close one vs Oregon State...and if Texas will be able to bounce back after their loss to #6 Baylor.

#10. The TaxSlayer.com Bowl, is going to be great to see...these to teams faced off last year.  And it will be interesting to see much like #14 LSU, if #22 Georgia will be able to bounce back after their starting QB Aaron Murray and NFL prospect got injured, and if Bo Pelini faces any pressure with possibly his job on the line.

#11. Chick-fil-A Bowl will be awesome to watch.  Johnny Manziel and his Texas A&M Aggies vs. a Duke team who accomplished a 10-win season.  And if Duke will be able to defend Johnny Manziel.  Will be another exciting thing to watch.

#12. #23 Fresno State vs. #25 USC in the Holiday Bowl will be really fun to watch.  Because of how USC's defense plays vs Fresno State's high-powered offense, who scored 52 vs San Jose State in a disappointing loss.  But came back to beat Utah State 24-17.

#13. The Russell Athletic Bowl will be a great one to watch.  Because if Teddy Bridgewater will be able to pass vs Miami, a Miami team who went down hill after losing to #1 Florida State 41-14...if they will be able to bounce back in their bowl game vs #18 Louisville.

#14. The Hyundia Sun Bowl will be a really, really fun game to watch.  Virginia Tech is 8-4 and coming off a victory 16-6 over rival Virginia.  And it will be great to watch VT's D-line vs UCLA's QB Brett Hundley.

#15. This football game Arizona vs. Boston College is the most underrated bowl game in college football.  Two Heisman worthy players Ka'Deem Carey vs. Heisman finalist Andre Williams.  It will be great to see how these two players run vs these defenses.

Monday, December 9, 2013

My Heisman Trophy Rankings

#1. Jameis Winston
#2. A.J. McCarron
#3. Tre Mason
#4. Andre Williams
#5. Ka'Deem Carey
#6. Jordan Lynch
#7. Johnny Manziel
#8. C.J. Mosley
#9. Teddy Bridgewater
#10. Nick Marshall

Why?: There isn't to much that you could scratch your head about in this Heisman ranking.  But I'll run you through the top 5 and why I put down all the rankings like I did.

#1. is Jameis Winston, because of how he's played through out the year...not just late in the season, having 38 TDs, I'm not crazy about him having 10 interceptions...but he has still been impressive on the field.  I would have him closer to the other Heisman contenders, than probably most people would.

#2. A.J. McCarron I have Tide QB #2 because of how he's leads Bama.  Without that leadership this year, Bama wouldn't be able to win the games that they've won.  And of-course he lead is team to 2 national championships.  With stats 26 TDs and 7 interceptions.

#3. Tre Mason is the Auburn running back, I have him #3 because how he played mainly vs #5 Missouri, getting 304 yard rushing, and the TDs he got in that game was pretty impressive...especially vs a Missouri team that has a great D-line that they have.

#4. Andre Williams like Ka'Deem Carey has been really impressive, even though like Ka'Deem Carey Boston College isn't a ranked team, so he's been a bit underrated.  He like Carey has 17 TDs, except
Williams has 2102 rushing yards.

#5. Ka'Deem Carey of Arizona has really been impressive to me this season, he's been a bit underrated this season, because of him not being on a ranked team.  He has 1716 yards on the ground with 17 TDs.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My College Football Top 25 Rankings

#25. Notre Dame
#24. Miami (FL)
#23. Duke
#22. Georgia
#21. Fresno State
#20. Wisconsin
#19. Texas A&M
#18. Louisville
#17. UCLA
#16. Arizona State
#15. UCF
#14. LSU
#13. Oklahoma State
#12. Clemson
#11. Oklahoma
#10. Oregon
#9.   Missouri
#8.   South Carolina
#7.   Ohio State
#6.   Baylor
#5.   Stanford
#4.   Michigan State
#3.   Alabama         Points:  1400
#2.   Auburn           Points: 1496
#1.   Florida State    Points: 1553

Why: You might wonder why I put Michigan State ahead of Stanford...I have Michigan State ahead because of these reasons.

#1. They beat the #2 Ohio State Buckeyes,
#2. Only has one loss, Stanford has 2.

And...I think Stanford is the 3rd or 4th best team in the nation in my opinion, but I think since Michigan State had such an impressive performance vs #2 Ohio State I think they've earned it.

Friday, December 6, 2013

"What to watch for" College Football Conference Championship Week

Duke Running Game:

#20 Duke plays #1 Florida State Saturday...and the running game will be important if Duke wants to shock the world, and upset #1 Florida State.  Duke will need to run the football with QB Brandon Connette, QB Anthony Boone, and 3 of their RBs Josh Snead, Jala Duncan, and Juwan Thompson.  Because if Duke runs the football well it will allow them to pass.  Which could lead to points scored on the offensive end.

Missouri's Defense:

#5 Missouri plays #3 Auburn Saturday, and pretty much everybody that watches college football would know that Auburn runs the football extremely well, averaging 318 rush yards per game 5th in the nation And if Missouri wants to win the SEC title game, they must shut down Auburn's running game...Alabama was leading Auburn a good bit in the Iron Bowl, but what allowed Auburn to get in it was the running game.  So if Missouri wants to become SEC champs they must at-least hold Auburn under 190-200 yards running.

Michigan State's Defense:

#10 Michigan State plays #2 Ohio State in the BIG-10 title game Saturday, and like #5 Missouri they play a good running team.  I'll tell you why Michigan State must shut down Ohio State's running game.  Ohio State has dominated all the teams they've played pretty much this year running the football, OSU primarily runs it with QB Braxton Miller, and RB Carlos Hyde.  The Buckeyes average 321 rush yards per game, 2nd in the nation behind Army and 40 TDs on the ground.  So it will be very key for Michigan State to stop Ohio State, and get their defense off the field in this BIG-10 championship game.